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Game Testing Education

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Becoming a freelance tester for the Microsoft driven game platforms can be a good career choice, but it isn't for everyone. Some choose to solidify the foundation of their game testing job and get a proper education. I find that doing both freelance and going to college works out an even balance, and helps you gain experience and money. A game tester usually only needs to look as far as their nearest tech school for a proper education. There are specialized schools/courses for game developing and testing but sometimes they are not always at a convenient location. At school you will be given specialized training that may be difficult and many times seeming irrelevant to your field. Depending on what you specialize in you will learn the infrastructure of games using some basic to fairly advanced equipment. You will use computer programs and play around with archaic forms of a video games structure. Most of all as a game tester you will have to learn developer related content so you aren't just testing video games you are formulating comprehensive reports on how to fix problems in the game.

Before you research more into schools ask yourself a few questions (not to sound like a motivational speaker).
  • How much time can you dedicate to school?
  • Is relocating a possibility?
  • How much money are willing to invest in your education?
  • What kind of job do you want to get out of your education?
Looking for Game Testing Colleges and Schools

Now that you have the questions you are going to need some answers. Most schools will be like normal college, besides the part about it being fun. You will have to dedicate a normal amount of hours each day also depending on what type of degree and classes your taking. As far as how long you will be going to college you can get your Bachelors or Associates degree. Some game studios/companies will require some schooling for you to become a tester others will demand a full 4 years or even longer though. That is why you need to know what kind of job you want to get out of college. And off course you will be expected to do well in all your classes or fields of study.

Another option you can take, if you don't have a local tech school or college, is online schooling. Taking online classes won't be the most comprehensive way to learn but it is option. You can also get the basic education at home and later transfer to a better school (depending on the schools credentials, you have to research if schools allow such transfers or credit allocation). Schooling will cost anywhere from 10K to 30K depending on where you go (regions), and how long you go for. Online schooling varies so much that you need to do research on whatever school your looking at, but the price is dramatically reduced.

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